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About Me

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My writing is inspired by the natural beauty of Vancouver's North Shore. I often hike under the big, mossy trees of nearby Coastal rainforests or walk the ever-changing Pacific Ocean shoreline. I love watching the wild at work, whether it’s a slippery banana slug moseying along the trail or a bald eagle chirping high up in a fir. (Yes! Eagles chirp!) Back home, I work at the window, my old dog close by, so I can keep an eye on the hummingbirds zipping about and the chickadees snatching seed. Do chickadees remember where they hide their seed? How fast can hummingbirds fly? Why does my dog make such weird sounds when he sleeps? It’s hard to get any writing done!

My curiosity led to a career as a broadcast journalist and producer for CBC Radio and NPR, and as a science writer and editor for my local public health research agency. Now, I write stories that celebrate wild spaces and children’s curiosity about the natural world. Curiosity—and the knowledge it reaps—is our first step in caring for our planet.

Other things that make me happy:

  • Poetry – check out my poetry section! I’m working on my first collection!

  • Volunteering with kids in The Writer’s Exchange literacy project.

  • Working in the garden and memorizing Latin plant names like the proud plant nerd I am.

  • Humor! I love writing funny stories and reading funny books with kids.

  • My amazing son and daughter, who can always make me laugh.

  • My patient husband who listens to my stories and reminds me to back up my hard drive.

  • My dog Hamish, not a great listener, but a very good actor when it comes to persuading us to feed him a little bit earlier each day.


For my press kit, headshots and book cover, click HERE

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