Luna's Green Pet

Luna longs for a pet but the apartment building where she and her family lives has a very strict NO PETS! policy. Not even goldfish are allowed. While her friends try to help with alternate pet suggestions, none interest Luna. Almost ready to give up, Luna spies in the trash something small, something green, something someone has discarded—a wilted plant. Perfect! Luna names her new pet Stephanie, confident she can nurse the plant back to health. When others question Stephanie’s suitability as a pet, Luna’s devotion is unwavering. She knows Stephanie is perfect just as she is. But will Luna’s love and care be enough to restore Stephanie to full health? And what are those strange bumps growing on her?

This charming story of one young girl’s belief, determination, and out-of-the-box thinking is perfect for anyone who has ever wished for a pet, only to be told no. Back matter includes tips on how to grow your own “Stephanie.”

Kirkus Reviews loves LUNA'S GREEN PET:

"Blooms quickly and keeps growing on you!" 

August 15th, 2022, Sleeping Bear Press

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