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Luna longs for a pet but the apartment building where she and her family lives has a very strict NO PETS! policy. Not even goldfish are allowed. While her friends try to help with alternate pet suggestions, none interest Luna. Almost ready to give up, Luna spies in the trash something small, something green, something someone has discarded—a wilted plant. Perfect! Luna names her new pet Stephanie, confident she can nurse the plant back to health. When others question Stephanie’s suitability as a pet, Luna’s devotion is unwavering. She knows Stephanie is perfect just as she is. But will Luna’s love and care be enough to restore Stephanie to full health? And what are those strange bumps growing on her?

This charming story of one young girl’s belief, determination, and out-of-the-box thinking is perfect for anyone who has ever wished for a pet, only to be told no. Back matter includes tips on how to grow your own “Stephanie.”

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Starred Selection BEST BOOKS 2023


​"Blooms quickly and keeps growing on you!" 



"A quiet yet mighty tale"


TODAY SHOW: Best Books For 4-yr-olds

CBC BOOKS: Picture Books to Watch For Fall '22


Not every child is fortunate to live in a household where they can have a pet, whether because of building restrictions or familiar limitations with respect to health or finances. But having a pet is a privilege and one that Luna takes seriously. Her pet may be a plant, but Stephanie gives Luna companionship, offers the child opportunities for responsibility and learning, and nurtures Luna's empathy and self-confidence. By having Luna think outside the box about what a pet can be, BC's Kirsten Pendreigh offers kids an exemplar in problem solving... if all that goodness wasn't enough, through the miracle of a life cycle, Stephanie's seeds are to be spread further afield to bring joy to others.



"As someone who grew up wanting a horse only to be told repeatedly by my parents that this was not possible in a New York City apartment building, I can relate – as I’m sure LOTS of kids can – to desperately wanting a pet of some kind but not being able to have one. Luna seems destined to be pet-less. . . until quite by accident she discovers a discarded plant in great need of help. Luna takes it home. And this is where the fun begins..."

"A great pick for kids who like pets, plants, humor, and/or just a good story!"


"unreservedly recommended addition to family, daycare center, preschool,

elementary school, and community library picture book collections

for children ages 4-7."


  "...celebrates children’s desire to love and care for something of their own. Many children will relate to Luna and her desire to have a pet while living in a building with a “NO PETS” policy. Luna’s friends make suggestions, but none quite fit the bill. Instead of drowning herself in sorrow, Luna discovers a pet, a plant called Stephanotis Floribunda, that from the first meeting opens her mind to new ideas. In the beginning, her friends don’t accept Luna’s new pet, “Stephanie,” because she cannot make sounds or perform tricks. As Luna nurses Stephanie back to better

health, readers will think about what it means to have a pet. Even the youngest readers will recognize the pride Luna feels when caring for Stephanie and the pleasure she feels when sharing Stephanie with friends. The story includes some care instructions in the back matter for those that choose to own their own “Stephanie.”

Carmen Mok’s soft illustrations illuminate Luna’s emotions andhelp young readers to understand the book as a recipe for caring and love.

Stephanie grows and changes shape under Luna’s tender care, taking on a pet-like form and qualities. This book would be a wonderful read-aloud for young children studying pets or plants; it’s unique in that it speaks to children without pets and reassures them that at the end of the day, like Luna, with a little bit of creative thinking, they too can have their very own pet.


 "Unique and heartwarming, Luna’s Green Pet will enchant kids who love pets, plants, a well-told story, or all three and will become a quick favorite to be heard again and again. The book is sure to inspire young botanists and would be a creative way to introduce lessons on plants in school classrooms or for homeschoolers..."

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A few Goodreads reviews: 

5.0 out of 5 stars Highly recommend!

Luna’s Green Pet is a fantastic picture book with great illustrations. Full of humour and heart, with a wonderful ending! The backmatter was a pleasant surprise—a collection of useful information and plant ideas. We love Luna!

5.0 out of 5 stars Educational and imaginative! Love it!

"A sweet loving way to teach about plants and the love of what nature can produce. Plants are living things too :). ... JUst like "Stephanie the plant" in this story. I highly recommend it.


5.0 out of 5 stars A fabulous picture book for young plant-lovers and aspiring botanists!

I adore Luna and her pet Stephanie! In this charming story with rich, warm illustrations, Luna finds a pet to love, a pet to care for, and a pet who returns that love with sweet and surprising gifts. Excellent backmatter provides ways for kids to care for their own Stephanie and other house plants.

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